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The thrift store movement has been in full swing the past couple of years. It’s still fast fashion clothes, does that make it all right?

To answer the question? No, thrift stores are not a bad thing but it’s never that easy. The thrifts store can be considering recycled fashion. Even though the clothes are fast fashion the thrift store serves an ethics purpose. The clothes are recycled and sold at a lesser price in thrift stores making affordable to all.

Fast fashion has a horrible history. It’s important to remind the people exactly what they’re up against. The fashion industry is the largest polluter on the planet behind the oil industry. Every item in fast fashion has a wicked story to tell. The clothes are produced in low-wage sweatshops, that pay nothing compared to the price they’re sold.

Thrift store offers a valuable service. The problem lies in their stockpiles. While getting all these items off the street, on the other hand, they say away from landfills. But rarely do thrift store move all their clothes out of the building. Thrift stores alone can cover the volume of items that the fashion industry has produced.

Fast fashion has not been cast aside because of the green movement. There is still a lot of work to be done. The thrift store is just filling the gap.

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