Sustainable Fashion Updates

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Sustainable fashion is making strides and now it’s time to see what progress up to this point. Most important how you can stay relevant in your support.

Sustainable fashion success is bringing down the price. The ticket for clothing items has significantly dropped in recent years. It’s still not at the level of fast fashion but it’s gaining ground. The fight with fast fashion is not over and needs a second win. That’s where the consumer can make a difference.

Entire communities have embraced sustainable fashion. The results of such large scale conscious are amazing. Cities like Vancouver Canadas have shown commitment to sustainable fashion and have come together to show a collective strength. This one of the many strategies that scare the fashion industry and force change.

The best thing a consumer can do is continue to be conscious. The conscious consumer has made all the right moves so far. The sustainable fashion industry depends on people education of the environment to continue is a success. So, buying clothes you can wear an endless amount of time is still the best way to contribute.

Sustainable fashion has made great gains against fast fashion but the former is still in the lead. It’s time to stay persistent and push forward.

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