Sustainable Fashion Innovations Is Growing

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Sustainable fashion is continually innovating because fast fashion has a serious issue on its hand. It up to sustainability to save the day.

Fast fashion has created an environmental nightmare scenario. It produces more than150 billion units of clothing a year. Most of which never get recycled and end up in landfills. This leaves the ethics fashion in a tricky situation as they look for the best easy to drop fast fashion altogether. It a threat to the environment and a new way must be found.

Eco fashion knows the answer doesn’t lie with just buying sustainable fashion. Although it has made great strides, it isn’t the only solution. The eco-community is turning to brain power to meet the challenge. The eco-industry is not blocking any new idea from the challenge the status quo. New materials should be considered.

A great way to slow down fast fashion is by making them use eco-friendly materials. If the fashion industry current industrial model would only feature organic textiles they would make a huge difference in the battle to save the planet. Innovation will come in many forms in the coming year it’s the eco-community responsibility to be open mind with a solution.

Sustainable fashion will need all the hep it can get in its fight for the health of the planet. Although ethical fashion is making changes, there’s still plenty of work to be done.

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