Sustainable Fashion Has A New Textile

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Sustainable fashion continues to push boundaries on all fronts. A new textile has emerged that solves some eco issues.

The fashion industry has bad reputation no matter what product they’re using. Leather for examples has always been made from the hide of animals. The problem is that fast fashion is responsible for the death of many animals. The industry practices have not changed for the benefit of the animals or the consumer. Let’s be honest it’s not like they care.

Piñatex is a new textile that can solve the problem. This textile stands for a new concept to unwoven sustainable fashion. This byproduct doesn’t contaminate in any kind of way. With it, an uncanny resemblance to leather this material is a 100% all-natural. No animals need to be a slaughter to create the textile.

Leather has long been considering one of the most durable items in fashion. That not to be overlooked so easily. For Piñatex to be successful it should match leather in every way. Well, I’m here to tell you it does! Its similarity to leather is unnoticeable in appearance and performance. This new textile is clean and strong.

Sustainable fashion continues to push boundaries. This kind of materials should already exist this dhow the fashion industries complacency.

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