Organic Foods Triumph Abroad

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The health foods movement is better outside the developed world than in it. Organic foods are the staple of developing countries.

Developing countries can see the mistake made by western culture. Let’s be honest most people in the world are not as superficial westerners. They have much more knowledge in the natural realms. To many of superfoods, we consider to be new to the list have always had a presence abroad. In fact, their problem with supply.

Recently reports showed that hipster was taking away superfoods from Indians. The demand for superfoods has skyrocketed in the west but have always existed in the east. It no just India but Africa as well. Most countries have an organic food market. That what catching the attention of the conscious consumer.

The west has created another global crisis in the food industry. That have contaminated the entire food stock in the U.S. they won’t even let their foods into other western countries. It great to see that conscious consumer are changing the way their countries think but he answers don’t lie in taking away organic foods from others.

All these unhealthy trends come from developed countries. People in undeveloped countries had it right all along. Organic food is better than processed foods.

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