Organic Food Affordability Depends On Regions

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Organic food is expensive or not. Well, it all depends on where you live but make no mistake everybody wants organic.

In North America, the average family spends only 20% of their budget on food. The problem is not the budget but the foods. In North America, organic foods can be more expensive but the prices are dropping. It’s the lack of diversity in the North American market. All foods are processed and organics can mean different things. Shady but true!

Europe is completely different story. The consumer is more conscious of their foods. The nation won’t eve allows GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) from entering the countries. However, the continent is not the most productive and hence they have to import all the superfoods because they don’t grow in Europe. Making them spend 50% of the budget on food.

In the developing world, organic food is the norm. Most people never eat process foods because they’re not available or there not cheap than the organic version. The problem lies in the exports. As the demand increase, the people of Europe have no problem of taking food away from the developing world. A new form of colonialism.

Organic foods are changing the way the world runs. It interesting to see what problems can emerge for this trend.

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