Organic Farms Are More Important Than Ever

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Organic Farms need to replace conventional farms like yesterday. One of the main problems affecting Americans today is the are a food source.

America is unlike other developed nations. They have created a food system that harms the public. Many would refuse to admit the truth but public awareness can be ignored anymore. Everything about conventional farming is wrong from earth to table. The results of these malpractices can be seen in our children.

Organic foods are not just a trend anymore there a reality. The whole foods business a has skyrocketed in the last decade and for good reason. The U.S. is the worst nation on earth for contaminated foods. The list of the offensive against American diet is long. GMO’s are everything that not labeled organic.

The alternative for these disastrous practices is clear. Organic farms are the solution and as demands increases will the farms. Farms are already noticing the difference. The organic farmer has more longevity than their commercial counterparts. While big ago-farm go under, organic farms last.

It scary to see what the nation has one in the name of science. The American food industry is one of the most criminal organizations in the world.

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