Minimalism Is Making A Comeback

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The basics are making a strong comeback. The new minimalism is a true challenge to fast fashion legacy.

One of the most popular clothing items in America is the plain white T-shirt. These logos fewer shirts are seen throughout the country and have filled many landfills. Not anymore, the new minimalist culture that growing is showing that people are not willing to throw away those old T-shirts anymore. Instead, they becoming rags and mop heads. The perfect example of recycled fashion.

The minimalist culture is affecting the way people perceive fashion altogether. It’s the norm now to wear clothes on more than one occasion. This sued to be a big taboo because fast fashion gas the public sick with their endless trends that must be worn. This endless pressure of fans helped the minimalist culture rise. An opposite effect the fast fashion industry didn’t see coming.

This culture is pushing on fashion trends. The rise of rimless transparent eyewear is growing thanks to minimalist culture. Subtle changes are making the difference. This generation looks to complete distance them from fast fashion and doing the opposite of the industry.

Minimalist culture is changing the fashion industry marketing. The entire system is geared towards people continual consumption. Glad to see those days are behinds us.

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