Menswear Brand To Keep An Eye On

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Menswear is no stranger to sustainable fashion. The men are not as meticulous as the women and have embraced the eco-fashion movement.

Fanmail is a T-shirt company that becomes popular among men. The brand support sustainable fashion in it all products and is receiving praise from the sustainable community. This brand is the model for most. Making sure all materials are ethically sourced and American made. The line is made In New York.

Edward Crutchley is a well-known brand that comes at a price. This British designer is making a name for himself. The brand has collaborated with the biggest name in fast fashion. However, that doesn’t compromise the integrity of the brand. It a champion of sustainability but call for much larger price tag than the average brand.

Castore is a sportswear brand that making headlines. The sportswear industry has seen many significant changes do sustainable fashion. This gym going community is more conscious of their health and the environment. This is a brand is a testament to sustainable fashion. The material is stronger and that why sportswear has jumped into sustainable fashion arms.

The brands have done their part for the sustainable fashion industry. The being rewarded by the conscious consumer for their commitment.

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