Japanese Diet Is Full Of Superfoods

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Japanese cuisine is famous on an international scale. It also full of super foods and one of the healthiest foods available.

A fun fact to share about Japanese cuisine is the at it always carries a superfood. Japanese foods popularity can’t be overstated. The price at a restaurant alone shows the demand for the foods. It’s a combination of superfoods and portion control. The diet shows their appreciation for health.

To back claims of the health of Japanese diet just look at the culture. Japan has the lowest obesity rates on the planet. Obesity is the result of modern day unhealthy living standards. This has never been a problem for japan. As the country modernized, it never compromised its traditional foods.

The most overlooked superfood that in Japanese culture is seaweed. This unmentioned food source is packed with nutrients. It’s also used in every sushi dish. Sushi has international popularity. Seaweed shows Japanese culture affiliation with the ocean. The main theme behind Japanese foods is seafood.

Health has long been a factor in human history. It too no surprise that advanced cultures have figured out that mystery.

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