IKEA Accomplished Zero Waste

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IKEA is one the most popular decor store in the world. They only carry brands that meet their specifications.

The number from 2016 are in and IKEA has accomplished an impressive feat. The mega store has produced zero waste to landfill for the entire year. That alone is an accomplishment that would make any retailer jealous. Sustainable fashion is the fastest growing sector in the fashion industry. Store have been slow to respond to the change.

They’re proud of the accomplishment but by no means was that all. Not IKEA the mega store said this is one of many new changes to come. The company is ready to unveil new practices that will help the environment and the consumer. Like previously mentioned if you want to sell in IKEA you better get on board.

The company is withholding its strategy. On the contrary, they letting everyone Know how it’s done. Recycling cardboard was the biggest step. The giant said the many companies still just throw everything away without consulting if that the best choice. Once the retailer realized the tons of money saved by recycling, it was a no-brainer.

Companies fast fashion practices are driving the earth and the company into the ground. Hence sustainable fashion doesn’t only apply to the environment.

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