Health Foods To Add In 2017

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Health foods have taken over the food industry. This trend is continuing to rise because consumers are driving the demand.

Kelp is becoming a big player in the health food scene. The brown seaweed is considered a juggernaut in the health. Crammed with high amounts of essential nutrients and omeg-3. the kelp comes in a dry form, making it easier to be applied to other foods. Kelp will become one of the most popular new foods in 2017.

A new form of butter called ghee is making waves. Ghee is by-products that made when you skim all the solids of the butter. Low in lactose, the ghee is available to many people who have a problem with dairy products. the by-product is loaded with nutritional value. The best part is that it can be flavored to suit your taste buds.

Salmon has long been a staple for health foods. Now there a new way to get that overpriced salmon on your table with forking over big bucks. Its canned salmon with doesn’t lose its nutritional value when canned. Canned salmon is easy to prepare just open the can and you have instant access to fatty acids and omega-3.

The health foods industry is poised to make more strides in 2017. surprising consider that successful years it recently had.

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