Ethical Fashion Is The New Normal

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Ethical Fashion Is The New Normal


Ethical fashion has become the feel-good story of our time. It has taken on one of the most powerful industries in the world.

Fast fashion has dug itself into a hole. The industry took for granted the consumer for decades why implemented a horrible industrial line that destroys lives and the environment. Fortunately, nothing last forever the end of fast fashion is finally in sight. The eco-moments have challenged the industry on all fronts.

The ethical movement has changed the face fashion thanks to the education of the conscious consumer. People finally stop to think about what the industries are doing. This generation is more aware of the environment than their predecessors. They don’t care about endless trends and they think about the source of materials before buying.

Thanks to social media these consumers have found a place to express their ideas and voice to fight against unsustainability. Local designers continue to innovate sand pose as real competition to big brands. This all would have been possible 20 years ago, the fast fashion industry marketing tactics kept people brainwashed for decades.

Ethical fashion is the new normality thanks to the consumer choices. It looks silly in today’s world to be fast fashion fanatic.

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