Connor McGregor Is Putting Record UFC Career On Hold: It’s Mayweather Or Nothing!

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Connor McGregor is known for his brash and bold statements. His latest statement is the most controversial. He is putting his hall of fame MMA career on hold to fight the champion of boxing.

In his last match, Connor destroyed a former rival in the octagon. In classic Connor fashion, he completely trashed his opponent on interviews before the match. He followed his bold statement with a dominating performance and slander Nate Diaz some more after the bout. It’s no secret Connor hates Nate for his affiliation with Floyd?

Connor set a UFC record with his victory in UFC. No one else has come close to Connor in durability and dominate. It can easily be seen by his way of being. He is the undisputed UFC lightweight champion and has all of MMA in his hand. Being on top of the UFC world is not enough to form Connor.

It hasn’t come to the surprise of anyone that Connor wants to fight Mayweather. The announcement of suspending his career until it happens is extreme. Connor has locked on to the Mayweather idea like a Pitbull. It scary to see a man this committed to going after an opponent. Connor is in preparation mode. Considering preparation, try our all natural product Pre-Workout to start your gym routine.

One thing’s certain Connor will be willing and able to meet Floyd Mayweather come fight day.

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